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You are a WINNER.

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Seriously, I have been crawling out of my skin to get this blog started. I have literally let my fears keep me from doing this blog and so many other things, but this year I am letting go of my fears and stepping into my greatness and in the process I want to take you along with me for this ride.

First of all welcome. I am stoked that you are taking the time to read my blogs that will be filled with my thoughts, ramblings, inspirations, and so much more.

My goal is to help others out there who need to be inspired, empowered and reminded of their true power. Please be patient with me, as I am learning as I go along too. So here we go...

I want you to take a moment and take in a deep breath.

Fill your lungs with air.

Now wiggle your toes.

Tighten your stomach muscles.

Relax your shoulders.

Hold your hands out and look at wiggle your fingers.

Blink your eyes.

Touch your upper lip to your nose.

Take in another deep breath, close your eyes for 5 seconds till all you could hear is your heart beat.

Then think about the inside of your body. Everything is working all on its own.

Pumping blood from you heart into your veins, your nose is taking oxygen from the air and filling your lungs, your brain is receiving information from your sensory organs which help you have the stimuli of physical touch, where you can sense heat and cold, you are capable of memory, your ears can interpret sounds and and your brain is deciphering it so that you can understand it….I can go on and on about how wonderfully made your body is.

My point is…



Think about it. If you still don't believe it, think about this...did you know that in a single ejaculation there are about 20-100 MILLION, yes MILLION sperm?

Out of those million of sperms, you freaking made it!! YOU, yes YOU made it to the egg. Not only did you make it but you BROKE down that egg surface and got in before anyone else could do it.

We’ve all seen the movie, “Look who’s talking” (if not, see the quick 1:47 minute video)

Yup, that was YOU.

You started out this life a winner. You defeated those other MILLIONS of sperm to the egg and YOU were born.

If throughout this year, you start feeling like you failed or you didn’t get anything done or someone told you something negative about yourself…replay that video, and remember this:




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