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The answers are out there

When I was single living in my studio apartment, I used to talk to God all the time. No, I wasn’t on my knees with a rosary in hand and candles lit with an alter type. Picture, me just talking out loud to an invisible friend. My neighbors probably thought I had lost it but honestly it gave me comfort and I felt less alone.

I don't talk out loud to God as much anymore but I still ask God, the Divine, Source questions all the time. Truly, I would love God to respond with audible answers, who wouldn’t right? But obviously Spirit isn’t parting the clouds and whispering “Hey Paola, the answer is this….”

Although it’s not like that, I still ask questions and constantly seek answers. And, I usually get them. They always come to me in a one form or another. Either I hear the perfect snippet in a book or a podcast, or I am watching the perfect youtube with the right message, or a friend calls out of the blue, somehow I always get a response.

Today was no different, I was putting together a Masterclass about the Science behind humans and how we operate and in 48 hours, I got two great youtube videos and one amazing tik tok pop up. You're probably thinking, “of course you did, the phones listen to us”

But get this, I am in the shower and I am thinking about how the Masterclass is going to go and how I can serve the women who will show up. I am asking God to help me understand why its so hard for people to manifest their dreams, so I can help them. And then it hits me, maybe it's my own original thought or maybe its God working through me. Chalk it up to what you want to believe but I heard it loud and clear in my mind.

“People don’t get what they want because they were always told NO by their parents”

More thoughts came to mind like:

“When you were little and you wrote down what you want, like at Christmas or your Birthday, and you didn’t get them, because of lack of money or attention or love, then you believe you don’t deserve good things”

“You carry that idea for the rest of your life”

I get out of the shower and I want to write it down but like most of us, I got distracted and just started my normal routine of drying off and getting ready. And as I get ready, I always put on a motivational Youtube video.

I pick a random video and Esther Hicks comes on. She is talking to a man who wants to become a successful actor. She says this:

“You have this desire but you have beliefs that mute that desire. Your beliefs are based upon what is happening, but your desire is based upon what you want and what’s in your vortex. Most human beliefs are thoughts that they continue to think and if you are giving your desires the same air time as your beliefs that are contradicting your desire then its mixing up the vibrations and that’s the way your life plays out”

My jaw dropped when I heard that. For me it was re-affirming what I heard in the shower. I truly believe that God is not some far away old man sitting on a cloud, I believe that God is within all of us. We can tap into Spirit whenever we need to. We can silently pray or we can talk out loud, either way the Divine Source and all of our Angels are waiting to help guide us.

The answers are out there. But are we asking the right questions?

Are we trusting in the answer even when we don’t get the one we want?

Do we have the faith that the Universe actually has our backs?

Life is a journey of discovery and we are meant to enjoy this beautiful thing called life. If you aren’t feeling the bliss of life every day, then I highly suggest you start talking to God, Source, the Divine, Spirit.

Start asking for guidance. Ask how you can be of service. Ask what your purpose is. Ask for signs and then sit back and allow yourself to receive signs or downloads from Source. Trust that the answers will come and be patient in the process.

There are no rules to when you talk to God. I know the church has all these rules, you have to kneel or you have to do a sign of the cross or you have to light a candle. Honestly, you just connect to the Divine Source, either with your thoughts or your actual words. Just remember this acronym:

A sk and it will be given to you

S eek and you will find

K nock and the door will be opened to you

The answers are out there. Oh and if you have been trying to manifest and things aren’t showing up, re-read what Esther says above.



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