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Shine Bright

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

I’ve been hiding. I hate to say it, but I allowed more than one person to smother my light. You know that song, this little light of mine…I’m going to let it shine…let it shine? If you don’t, once upon a time, I taught Sunday school to little kids. We would sing that song and as I saw their cute little faces sing their hearts out, I would silently pray for each of them hoping that they will never let anyone dim their light.

A couple of months ago, I launched this blog. Some people commented, and some people texted me and told me that they loved it. But there were some who told me, that I couldn’t write or that I shouldn’t tell people this or that. I also experienced a kooky stalker who literally took my words and my personal thoughts and posted them as her own. That on top of some BULLSHIT my husband and I were put through, my blog sat on the back burner. I kept telling myself that I shouldn’t let their opinion hinder my objective. Which is to make people feel better about themselves and rise up to be their best version of whoever they want to be.

Literally, as I would drive or as I would lay in bed, I would think of things to write about. Yet, I couldn’t get myself to the computer. Everyday was a new excuse:

"Well, I can’t today. I have that vendor coming over to look at the sink."

"Ugh, I am so tired today."

"Literally, my stalker(s) is going to think this is about them and start some shit that I just don’t need."

"Who is going to read it anyway?"

I am an accountability coach who teaches, Jack Canfield's Success Principals and the very first principal is "Make No Excuses". Let's just say, I wasn't living by my own standards.

Days kept going by and some days I would tell my husband Travis about all the topics I would write about and he would tell me, "just write, who cares what they think". He's such a great supporter of my crazy ideas. Yet, I still had a hard time bringing myself to work on my own stuff. Instead, I would spend hours on my husband's work. He's an entrepreneur too, so he always has things that need to get done. It was so easy for me to work on his stuff and set my stuff aside.

As I read more books about leaders, entrepreneurs and the crazy ones who made great changes in the world…the more I realized that they didn’t let anyone dim their light. Oh, and it wasn't easy for any of them. Every single person I read about, had someone who told them they couldn’t do it, or they weren’t good enough or they didn’t deserve their success or they would never work another day in their industry, but you know what?

They said, FUCK YOU and kept going, defied all of them and allowed their light to shine.

And so here I am, back at it. Filled with crazy anxiety that I am putting myself out there yet again to receive more criticism and maybe some negativity. But I need to focus on the positive comments/reviews and make an effort to write more often. I am also going to start up my podcast again soon and let this little light of mine SHINE SO BRIGHT that NO ONE ever be able to dim it again!



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